A Few Wearable In Fused With Technology

From wearing leaves and twisted vines during the prehistoric era to wearing skinny jeans in the modern world, clothing trends have revolutionized significantly. More so, clothing these days have come to become smart. Not the “intelligent” smart. Rather, it is the “technological” smart. The ability to merge technology in the clothing industry has and will continue to provide us with benefits and make our lives simpler, safer and smarter. Below are a few wearable technologies that would leave you intrigued.

Owlet – The Sock That Can Monitor Your Baby

This device or sock has been awarded with the best baby monitor of 2018. This Smart Baby Sock is nothing but simply amazing. With the smart sock, gone will be the days when the mother rushed constantly to the baby’s room just to make sure the baby is sound asleep.

This sock will let you monitor your baby from your own room through your smartphone on the Owlet app. It monitors the baby’s heart rate and the oxygen level with the help of a sensor and notifies you in case of any difference in real time.

Hexoskin Smart Shirt – The Shirt That Can Measure Body Factors

Who knew we would ever be able to wear a shirt that is odour-resistant and would proffer UV protection? This incredible smart shirt is able to monitor your heart pace and activity levels while you are running. Besides, it can also measure your step count while monitoring rise or decrease in calories.

AIO – The Smart Sleeve Sensor

This awesome sleeve is a must especially for fitness maniacs. It keeps monitoring the heart rate of the wearer. In addition,it keeps a track of the wearer’s sleep cycle and monitors the workout rates when you perform them. This device has a sensor within it, which also houses a tiny internal memory and a processor. It will give a processed output to the owning user’s phone of the details it had been able to collect. And that too, in real-time.

Here are just a few of the inventions of the future. The infusion of technology with clothing industry has brought up an amazing and breathtaking experience in the end. Even though technology can be disturbing sometimes, with all the creepy talks between AI bots as Sophia, these smart wears have been causing an amazing sensation around the globe. Furthermore, into the future, we would all be wearing clothes that are made from the 3D printing machine. It is an exciting concept that can yield so many benefits in the future. For now, they are just fancy technological wearable that are relatively very expensive.

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