This Is When Fashion Hurts

Everyone likes to wear well and feel good. We choose from varieties of clothing to suits the trends of the time. One of the most common trend nowadays is the skinny jeans. They are worn by both genders from almost all across the globe. They are stylish, classy and seem to accentuate the looks of the person wearing it.However, there also seems to be a bad side of wearing good-looking clothes. Tight jeans which are meant to make us look classy and in good shape, has some harmful effects on us. Even though we do not notice anything immediately, an unrecoverable damage can be caused as time passes.

Some of the usual harms of wearing jeans that are too tight is getting affected by abdominal pain persistently. Another cause is numbness down below the thighs. If not looked into immediately, there may be a chance of getting affected by varicose veins.Unbelievably, skinny jeans can furthermore bladder and vaginal infections. Due to the constrictions within the pelvis region, moisture is retained in the area, which causes the infections. Even unreasonable blood clots will be formed in some areas of the body due to the excess tightness of the jeans. In addition, these skinnies can restrict our movements too due to the tightness at the joints.

The skin-tight slacks that are worn commonly among teenagers are usually three inches smaller for the waist. This causes an uncomfortable space congestion around the pelvis and thighs.  Some of the sensory nerves that originate from the pelvis get constrained at the thighs, which causes the numbness in the region. The suffocation caused due to tighter waist sizes makes it difficult to digest food easily. This results in digestion problems. So much sacrifice for wearing classic skinny jeans! Heavy fabrics like denim jeans impedes the blood circulation up and down the body, which in turn can gradually promote the appearance of varicose veins.

Some of us may think, “Well if those regular, innocent-looking skinny jeans can cause damage to such an extent, I should probably switch to wearing elastic garments”. Uh yes, but they are stick tightly to your skin. Elastic garments are not less dangerous than skinny jeans. The compress the body’s figure to such a scope that the blood flow in the body gets affected which will result in back pains.

Trying to look good is a desire that everyone has, but if we take that too much into our heads, we can cause unnecessary damage to ourselves. The price of a pair of skinny denim jeans may sound reasonable, but the heavy costs you have to pay for the health issues that arise will never sum up.

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