Quick Tips to Finding the Right Shapewear for Plus-Size Women

Wearing a shapewear can may you look slimmer in any clothing from a cocktail dress or plain shirt paired with jeans. If you have never tried wearing one before, this is a revolutionary product that can change the way you think about looking fabulous.

Borrowing from the wise words of Taylor Swift, this is a ‘nightmare dressed in a daydream’. Wearing one used to be a cringe-worthy experience. It used to push fat in the wrong way, making it very uncomfortable to wear. It’s often a ‘miss or hit’ deal for most women since there are only a few brands that are comfortable and still give you that slimming effect.

The Snug Fit

There is still some hesitancy for some shoppers to buy snug shapewear online. It can be challenging to find the one that fits – without you physically fitting it on. I

Checking your local shop will help you find the styles that you need. Bring the attire you’re going to wear with it so you’ll know if it fits the right spots. Waist and hip measurements also make the task easier!

Keep it realistic. You’d want a shapewear to fit in all the lumps to give a smoother body shape.

It won’t help if you’re thinking of going a size smaller than you normally would wear. You won’t get extra firmness by doing this. On contrary, a smaller shapewear won’t fit you in the dress and it will be very uncomfortable to wear them. It also places you at health at risk by compressing organs and nerves that may lead to numbness and hemorrhoids.

You Don’t Have To Wait For Special Occasions

Usually, plus size shapewear can be worn like any regular clothing, provided that it’s comfortable and doesn’t affect your health in any way. Wearing this may help boost your positivity and self-confidence. However, you need to pay attention to the comfort of wearing your shapewear daily. If you’re wary to go the toilet because it’s hard to remove your shapewear, it might put you at risk for urinary tract infection (UTI). It is not advisable to wear one if you’re prone to getting bladder infections and gastro esophageal reflux (GERD).

Structuring Your Shapewear Wardrobe

You create your shapewear wardrobe like you would your clothes. Start with the basics such as a mid-thigh shaper. From here, you can move to a slip dress then go for more focused one like underwear.

You can start with colors that are close to your skin tone. Here are some favorable pieces to have in your collection.

Tights: These are commonly used to trim down the thighs, buttocks, hips and most importantly, your waist. You can wear dresses and casual clothing minus the bulges. It also smoothens out panty lines, you giving your body a smooth and slender figure.

Full body suit: This is a favorite for those wearing sleek dresses that needed some covering along the waist and lifts up your breast. These are the types you’d want to keep in your wardrobe for special occasions.

Remember to always go for comfort and functionality when choosing a shapewear. Give your body some ‘breathing’ period should you wear this on a daily basis. Nevertheless, a good pair of shapewear is all you need to look and feel more confident about yourself anytime, anywhere!

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