Does Your Hairstyle Match Your Dress?

When you are dressing up for a special day, every part of your dress matters. From choosing the choses that matches your dress to the right kind of handbag or clutch and the right jeweler and hair accessories – all of these determine your overall look at the event. However, most us forget to match our hairstyle to the dress code.

This is a common mistake among most of us and sometimes the wrong kind of hairstyle can dampen your entire look. However, this can be easily fixed by changing up your hairdo to match your dress and its neckline. Take a look at what is given below to find out how to get the perfect hairdo for your dress.

Round and Square Necked Dress

Round and square shoes necklines are two of the common necklines you can find in dresses or tops. They with different kinds of sleeves such has short sleeves or even sleeveless, they can emphasize features such as your shoulders and even you collar bones.

So, when doing your hair, don’t cover these beautiful features. Try to pull your hair away from the face and letting it down. You can use simple styles such as braids, twists or clips to pull it away from the face so it worn cover your face or your shoulders. If you are someone with shorter hair, pixie hairstyle with a messy, uneven style would be the best.

Strapless Dress

Strapless dresses are another type that shows off your shoulders and collarbones. There are many hairstyles you can try with these dresses as it goes well with both updos and let-down hair. If you feel like an updo will over emphasize your shoulders, then try letting your hair down in waves or curls.

But if you want to add a touch of boldness in to your outfit, pin up your hair into a bun and show off your amazing features. When preparing for a special event, let your hairstylist know the kind of style you are looking for. Talk to a hairdresser Melbourne beforehand and arrange and appointment a few hours prior to the event so you can get the perfect hair done without a rush.

V-Neck Dresses

A V-neck dress offers a very feminine look and shows off your cleavage and skin. The best way to emphasize your features in a V-neck dress is to pull it back from the face. Try a half-up half-down hairstyle with a V-neck to look fabulous in it. His style goes well with all straight, curly and wavy hairs. A low hair bun or a low ponytail is another two hairstyles you can try with a v-neckline. You can either make your hairdo a sleek style or add a little playfulness to it with letting some strands fall and frame your face.

High Neck Dresses

A high neck dress often includes necklines such as turtleneck or halter styles. The best style for these dresses is those that do not cover the neckline. Most of the times experts suggest having your hair in an updo to make sure the neckline of the dress- which is one of its prominent features – is visible. Pin your hair in a top knot.

You can choose to side-part or middle part your hair depending on how you want to frame your face. You can also not part it at all and have it pulled back. For those with shorter hair like shoulder length styles can have it down as this will not interfere with the neckline of your dress.

Your hairstyle plays a major part in determining how you look. Matching git perfectly with your dress is a great way to show how put-together your outfit is.

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