4 pro Cheongsam selection tips for you

The Chinese fashion is one of those traditional things that the entire world can be proud of. In fact, there are too many occasions when people all around the world have hosted events based on the Chinese themes and not to mention; the China Towns too.

The Cheongsam dress is one of those things that all Asian women can wear with pride. But most of the people, especially the men who are buying gifts, have little knowledge on the criteria that you need to consider when doing a selection.

In an attempt to help them, and everyone else, we are going over 4 major Cheongsam selection tips that would be quite helpful to you.

  • Pay attention to the nature of the collar

Just as much as the situation with t shirts and shirts, the collar of this outfit has a great impact of the overall dress. Not only that, its nature further affects how your face is being seen. Since the outfit automatically changes your real appearance, since it is a relative appearance, you need to make sure that you are not going for anything that makes the neck look fatter or so. This is why, collarless or V-neck modern cheongsam online singapore dresses can be recommended over anything typical.

  • The nature of the slits matter

While it makes it easier for the person who is wearing the dress to walk freely, the slits at the two sides of the bottom of the dress makes it look better; and that’s why it is a recommendation.

  • The color palette matters

There are two major color sources that we need to consider when buying a traditional dress like this. First, the color of the dress itself. You can either go for dresses in the same color pallete as shades or dresses with colors with complementary yet different colors. On the other hand, you should also consider the color of your skin as well. Since typical Asian skin color is fair, most of the cheongsam dresses would fit perfectly in terms of the colors.

  • What about the sleeve length?

Asian based dressed tend to have their own unique sleeve length as a distinguishable characteristic. If you are to go for something that looks truly authentic, it is better to go for either a sleeveless or a short sleeved one. Why? Because no matter how fit you think you are, a dress like this doesn’t look all too good if the hands aren’t really slim. However, based on your preference you can go for three quarter or full sleeved ones as well.

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